Holmströms Golvläggning in Västerås joins us in Sweden!

    Continued growth in Sweden with Holmströms Golvläggning

    Håndverksgruppen continues to grow in Sweden and now include Holmströms Golvläggning. Håndverksgruppen has now a total of 49 crafts companies in Sweden, with a combined turnover of more than SEK 2.6 billion.

    - Holmströms Golvläggning has a strong market position in Västerås, and their expertise in wet room services and management of turnkey projects will be valuable to our business. We are pleased to welcome them to us, says Johan Möller, Country Manager for Håndverksgruppen in Sweden.

    Håndverksgruppen entered Sweden in 2021 and is today the country's leading player in surface treatment.

    - We have added a number of large and successful crafts companies over the past year, and with Holmströms Golvläggning now becoming part of Håndverksgruppen, we are adding another very solid, high-quality company and at the same time taking the step into Västerås, which is an important market for us, Möller adds.

    Holmströms Golvläggning has 13 employees and had a turnover of around SEK 21 million in 2023. The company provides a full range of flooring and wet room services for both commercial and private customers, with a particular emphasis on turnkey contracts and renovation.


    Looking forward to being part of something bigger

    Managing Director Lars Holmström has run the company since its inception in 2001.Lars Holmström, MD for Holmströms Golvläggning

    - Over the years, I have been keen to work with skilled people whose ambition has always been to deliver work of the highest quality. We have had a positive and dynamic development along the way, but now we see new opportunities for growth and collaboration. We are impressed by the system and culture that Håndverksgruppen can offer, and this gives us a good feeling for the journey ahead, says Lars Holmström.

    Holmströms Golvläggning has a well-established network of subcontractors and a strong collaboration with local construction and property companies. Among other things, the company has a framework agreement with the property company Mimer for maintenance and service of the company's 6,000 apartments.

    - I have run the company alone for all these years, and it will be rewarding to be part of something bigger and for once have the opportunity to call someone else for advice and support. We remain the same company our customers know and trust, but now with expanded capacity and resources that will strengthen our offering, assures Lars Holmström.

    Read more about Holmströms Golvläggning here: http://www.holmstroms.com/

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