Our ambition is to become Scandinavia’s leading surfacing contractor

    We aim to deliver walling, painting, tiling and flooring services that are far beyond the customer’s expectations. We want to be a leader in sustainability, and are keen to develop expertise and talent. We are proud of our local brands and relationships, but are also able to deliver on national framework agreements.

    Proffesional craftsmanship locally and nation wide

    Our roots are local, and we're incredibly proud of our local brands and long-standing relationships. These are built on trust, respect and a shared commitment to delivering high-quality craftsmanship. Yet our projects extend far beyond local areas. We have the capacity to sign and execute national contracts, showcasing our versatility and adaptability.

    Our oldest company, C Kristoffersen & Sønn AS in Horton, was established in 1853. While it is the group’s oldest company, many of the companies within HG build on more than 50 years of tradition and experience.

    Håndverksgruppen is more than a name. It represents the promise of quality, the commitment to sustainability, an arena for talent development, and above all, it's a testament to the power of shared ambition. Join us on our journey to redefine craft skills across Scandinavia.

    Our 2022 key figures

    positive impact on our topline
    new companies
    employees graduating from our Academy
    growth compared to 2021

    Our company roadmap

    Håndverksgruppen was established as a group in 2020,
    but we have long traditions as proud craftsmen.

    • May 2023

      HG enters Germany.

      Included first German OpCo.
      Established local group operations.

    • November 2022

      HG enters Denmark.

      Included 13 leading local Danish companies.
      Established a firm ground for further growth in Europe.

    • March 2022

      Roll-out of best practice toolbox.

      Best practices introduced through HG Academy. 
      Launch of best practice tool on pricing.

    • October 2021

      The first HG Academy is held.

      HG's own training institution.

    • August 2021

      HG is ISO 14001 certified.

      Adoption of effective EMS for the reduction of environmental footprint.

    • April 2021

      HG enters Sweden.

      Magnus Målar'n becomes the first Swedish OpCo to join HG.

    • July 2020

      HG is established as a group.

      FSN enters partnership with HG and its 30 original OpCos.
      20% reinvestment by founders.

    • February 2012

      First co-operation under the "HG" brand.

      14 OpCos under a shared umbrella.
      First tendered framework agreements.

    • 1853

      Long traditions and solid craftsmanship.

      HG's oldest OpCo established in 1853.
      Many OpCos with 50+ years of tradition.