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Grids for everyday life

Who’s going to tile the floors you walk on every day? Tiling is a key part of the masonry profession, and Håndverksgruppen’s masons have extensive experience with both membranes and tiling.


From bathrooms and wetrooms to kitchens, stairs and other common areas, whether the project is large or small, we believe that tiles are the perfect way to add both style and simplicity to any space.

Our masons work with both large and small clients, ranging from the private individuals to large apartment buildings, making sure maintenance is simple and the touch is modern.


Turning old bathrooms into new ones

Renovating old bathrooms often means tearing them up — and rebuilding them. With careful project management and planning, we ensure that every customer is completely satisfied with the results. After all, they’re going to live there.

We help our clients select the best tiles for their needs and manage the project from start to finish. If the project management is done smoothly, a bathroom can be rehabilitated in as little as two weeks. At Håndverksgruppen we believe in clear communication and timely material ordering to make sure that every project runs according to plan.


Tiling done in good time

In new builds, Håndverksgruppen works as both a subcontractor for contractors and as the main contractor for private individuals, laying membranes and tiles in all types of public and private buildings. Our masons help the client choose the perfect tiles and materials, ensuring that every project is delivered on time — and with the highest level of quality.

With good project management, we coordinate the delivery of goods to the right place and time, executing each job professionally and efficiently to create satisfied customers.