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Bricks laid to last

Masonry is a timeless craft that has stood the test of time. With historical roots and traditions that date back centuries, masonry is also a very versatile discipline at a workplace. Thus, masons work in a variety of settings, both indoors and outdoors, on both large construction sites and in private homes.


At Håndverksgruppen, our masons are experts in rehabilitation, new construction, and insurance claims for buildings of all sizes, from small homes to massive institutions. No matter what type of building we’re talking about, it all starts with a foundation wall. From there, our skilled workers can construct anything from fireplaces and chimneys to walls and natural stone features.


Taking care of our historical buildings

Our masons have a passion for preserving the many beautiful and historical buildings in the Nordics. As a result of the toll of time, the lime used in the cement at the time of construction has begun to crack. The signs are easy to spot in the foundation, walls and façades. Much of the rehabilitation work done by Håndverksgruppen addresses just this. We carefully refurbish the façades and foundations of both old apartment buildings, and renovate large, historic buildings. To make sure they’ll last for another hundred years.

We know the importance of matching materials and techniques used in the original construction. As with all old buildings, not least due to underground movements, there will always be a need for rehabilitation at some point. And a need to do it properly.


Starting from the ground up

A strong foundation is key to every building, no matter its size. Håndverksgruppen’s masons have the expertise to make sure it is level and sound, in line with the architect’s goals—and ready for further construction. Our workers are experienced in laying brick basements, partitions and more, both in private and public buildings. Regardless of the building type, the common denominator is that we start with the bottom. From there, the only way is up!