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We’re on track

The more than 3200 skilled workers in our 101 local companies made sure 2022 was another strong year for Håndverksgruppen.


We kept our tempo of adding a new company every other week – making sure our group is resilient and solid. That’s the way we plan to go ahead.


Welcoming 35 new companies to Håndverksgruppen

The way we make sure new companies remain locally free, cutting away complicated bureaucracy, might very well be one of the reasons our finances look good when we study 2022 at the end of the year. We welcomed 35 new companies during 2022, resulting in a positive impact of MNOK 1647 on our topline and MNOK 152 in EBITDA.

If we split the year in weeks, that means Håndverksgruppen welcomed a new company at least every other week. Our ambitions for the future are to keep up this tempo.

In revenues we saw a growth of 69 percent compared to 2021. That’s more than we were planning for. Our EBITDA figures rose by 47 percent compared to 2021, significantly outperforming our initial plans.

Since our inception in 2020 we have achieved a remarkable increase of almost five times in our turnover, a result of our ambitious and targeted strategy to keep on welcoming new companies in the existing areas of Norway and Sweden – as well as expanding to Denmark. Håndverksgruppen achieved an EBITDA margin of 9.5 percent, at the same time as seeing an organic growth in 2022 exceding 10 percent.

Our customer base is diversified. Even though the majority of Håndverksgruppen’s projects are concentrated around the traditionally stable market of renovation/rehabilitation, conversion and extensions, we see a sound weighting between different segments:

LTM revenues in NOKm

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Both our employees and founders thrive

Our employees are the cornerstone of Håndverksgruppen, to an almost literal extent. We are proud to state that 2022 saw our employees Employer Net Promoter Score numbers increase by 26 percent. In simple terms: Happy employees means we’re able to deliver quality. We also upped our share of apprentices from 7 percent to 9 percent during the year. For us, taking care of our employees is a matter of unity.


The number of employees graduating from our Academy in 2022, had a staggering growth of 317 individual workers getting trained on the tools they need for the years to come. 


At Håndverksgruppen Academy we train our own employees. In 2021 we saw 25 workers graduating from the Academy. The number for 2022 is 342, a staggering growth of 317 individual workers being trained in best practices — and making sure they have just the tools they need in the future.

As of the end of the year 2022 we have around 600 co-owners who are also employees. This number grows every time we welcome a new company. We take pride in saying that our strength lies in consolidation. We’re not just saying that. We’re doing it.  

Happy employees delivering quality

Employer Net Promoter Score


Hope is not part of our strategy

Håndverksgruppen is on a steady course towards continued growth. However, acknowledging the potential risks of society and our times is a must. That’s why hope is not part of our strategy. Planning for contingency is.

That’s why nurturing the Håndverksgruppen culture is very important for us. It’s a way of ensuring that both our group and all our local companies benefit from the way we do business. We keep a sharp eye on performance reviews and continuously analyze our portfolio. That’s how we plan on catching early signs of development taking a wrong turn. So that we can take action accordingly.


Local ambassadors result in new companies

For Håndverksgruppen, 2022 meant our entry on the Danish market. And our model seems to instigate goodwill both in our established markets — and our new market. The result? Our new companies act as ambassadors for the Håndverksgruppen’s Way. In a survey we conducted among our original founders and shareholders, 98 percent of previous business owners said that they would recommend joining us to someone close to them.

For the coming years, we are looking at Germany as a very interesting geographical area. An area where our way of doing business is hitherto regarded as “different”. For us, that sounds like a powerhouse just waiting for our business model. We’re on our way.

Promoters making M&A easy

Share of entrepreneurs joining HG who would recommend others to join.


Our companies – The local winners


We provide all types of surfacing services


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2022 was an eventful year

  • January

    First official meeting with all Swedish Managing Directors in Gothenburg, Sweden. Launch of HG Posten as an online newspaper.

  • February

    10 companies in Sweden and Stockholm office established.

  • March

    Revenues 3x of July 2020. Partner agreement with Dr Schutz signed for floor renewal.

  • April

    Safety campaign “Care for your people” completed.

  • May

    Launch of national recruiting campaign “Åge from HG”. Kick-off multisite ISO certification Sweden.

  • June

    HG participates in Lillehammer-Oslo and Malermester Eilert & Edvin Holme AS – 75 years! First HSE mapping completed in Norway.

  • July

    HG launches “sustainable solutions” - services designed to resolve a problem with a minimal footprint and at a lower cost. 

  • August

    Johan Möller joins as the COO of HG Sweden while also including K 350, the largest single entity in our group.

  • September

    Managing Director gathering in Lillehammer. Risanger & Sønn in Haugesund appointed ”Årets Lean Produktivitetspris”.

  • October

    Revenues 4x of July 2020.

    HG Academy – 1 year! And launched “Proud craftspeople” on the same date as launching the first course at HG Academy the year before.

  • November

    HG enters into Denmark with DSJ being the first business who officially joins HG.

  • December

    C. Møllmann, Ernst Hansen and Jeppesen join HG. HG Academy on wheels launched educating craftspeople where they live.