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Floors for all walks of life

Whether you’re standing in your children’s kindergarten, are on your way to an important meeting or you’ve just touched down at the airport after a round-the-world-trip, your feet will be planted on the floor. Floors are an essential part of our lives, literally providing a foundation for all of us to stand on.


The companies of Håndverksgruppen lay floors for major contractors and smaller private customers. Making sure the flooring options meet our client’s needs. For significant undertakings like renovation of hospitals, it’s vital that the floors are maintenance-free, clean and comfortable to walk on — every single day.

Our skilled workers provide tailored advice and recommendations that are suited to the customer’s desired function, preferences and cleaning needs before we price the work. That way, they make sure the floors are just like they’re supposed to be. Something you can rely on. By choosing Håndverksgruppen, the customers will have access to a large selection of different floors for different purposes, including parquet, linoleum, laminate, carpets and epoxy.


Streamlined Floor Selection for Rehabilitation

Choosing the right floor can be tricky. When it comes to renovating a room, our craftsmen receive an inquiry from the customer and listens to their wishes and needs. No matter if the task at hand is a large open-planned office building that needs to be renovated, or helping a family renovating their first home.

At Håndverksgruppen, we act as consultants for our customers. In other words: It’s about finding the flooring products that actually suit both the room and the customer. Our craftsmen provide end-to-end flooring solutions that encompass everything from the customer’s vision to the finished floor, ready for immediate use.

At Håndverksgruppen, we know that flooring is not just about the price. For us, it is all about demonstrating good service, quality, breadth of knowledge about floors and flooring — and last but not least: Timely execution.