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We’re built to last

Håndverksgruppen first saw the light of day back in 2012, when 14 Norwegian companies joined forces in a membership organization that could establish joint purchasing agreements and national frameworks deals.


Fast forward seven years to 2019, and Håndverksgruppen’s member companies were ready for the next step: To become an integrated group. 

That’s when things got exciting: Out of 43 member companies, 30 banded together with FSN Capital to form the brand new Håndverksgruppen in July 2020. 

The original Håndverksgruppen found FSN Capital to be the perfect match for their existing companies, with a culture and approach that aligned perfectly with their own. Together, they could work towards a common vision for the future of the industry. Today, the holding company is 50 percent owned by Håndverksgruppen’s employees and former business owners, with the rest held by FSN Capital. It is a collaboration that’s built to last.

But Håndverksgruppen isn’t just about the big picture. At the heart of what we do is our people. That’s why former owners of craft businesses who join us reinvest a fixed share of their enterprise value. Plus, key people are invited to invest in our holding company as part of Håndverksgruppen’s Management Incentive Program. With around 600 co-owners (and counting!) who are also employees, we’re all about consolidating strength as a team. The number of co-owners who invest increases every time a new company becomes part of Håndverksgruppen. 

With around 600 Håndverksgruppen co-owners (and counting!) who are also employees, we’re a company that revolves around our people. 

Board of Directors

At the helm of our Board of Directors is Per W. Sjöstrand, a seasoned chairman who founded Instalco with FSN Funds and served as its CEO until 2021. Previously, Sjöstrand acted as chairman of Green Landscaping Group AB and Fasadgruppen Group AB. 

The rest of our Board of Directors are a diverse set of people, with complimentary backgrounds. Two of them represent the original founders of Håndverksgruppen, while two board members and an observer represent FSN Capital—in addition to an external board member. No changes have been made to the tenure of the board members since they were elected when Håndverksgruppen was incorporated in 2020.

The Board of Directors is the backbone of Håndverksgruppen, responsible for important tasks of hiring the CEO, deciding on our corporate strategy, budgeting, and ensuring solid management and control. With Sjöstrand and the board members leading the charge, Håndverksgruppen is well on our way to becoming a true industry leader.