Paint it black

Or any other color! The tradition of painting houses reaches back as far as the 11th Century. But the story of painting actually goes back further. There’s evidence showing that early humans started applying paint to surfaces to brighten up the spaces they lived in more than 40 000 years ago.


Håndverksgruppen’s skilled painters work both indoors and outdoors, with small and large buildings, and are highly competent when it comes to maintenance, rehabilitation, new constructions and insurance cases.


From Norwegian stave churches to complexes

As far as painting goes, maintenance and rehabilitation projects cover everything from medieval stave churches and old buildings to large-scale renovations of business buildings, single-family homes, apartment complexes and renovation of façades.

A crucial part of the rehabilitation job is to carefully assess the condition of a building and to make a plan of what kind of groundwork needs to be done. Our painters are adept at using traditional painting techniques such as gilding, glazing, patination and linseed oil paint to give the surfaces a specific touch. Of course, they are experienced in using contemporary painting techniques as well.


Keeping up with the paint’s drying time

When working on new buildings or other projects that have large surfaces that need to be ready at the same time, there are demands that must be met. Håndverksgruppen’s painters are equipped with the latest technology and fast-working methods, making sure we’re done before the paint is dry and the deadlines are met.

We know how important it is to coordinate the painters’ work with other disciplines involved in a project. That’s necessary to achieve good progress and seamless implementation in new building projects. Our local painting companies have a high level of expertise, making sure the customers get the color and paint type they need. And what groundwork is needed before the final touches.