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Hard numbers and facts

HG has selected the following SDGs to which it has an opportunity to contribute:

Increase number of youth and adults who have relevant vocational skills for future employment by employing apprentices and supporting them on the way to certification (4.4).

Reduce the number of unemployed youth through apprenticeship (8.6) as well as preventing shadow work and promote labour rights and safe working environments (8.8).

Promote sustainable consumption through waste reduction (12.5) and supporting sustainable public procurement (12.7).

Multi-stakeholder partnerships to support the achievement of the sustainable development goals (17.16)

* For all OpCo’s closed by 12/2022.
** HG Academy is HG’s own education institution. The purpose of the HG Academy is to provide an arena for personal development and comprise of the following modules; culture, leadership, project management and expertise matters. Target excludes CoC training mandatory for all employees. 
*** Materiality threshold
**** Dr Schutz Nordic A/S, compared in FIGR where polishing and waxing are used over a period of 10 years.
***** For OpCo’s closed by H1 2023.