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Tiling is a part of walling. Our walling experts have a lot of experience with both membrane installation and tiling. We take on all jobs – big and small – and work closely with other trades in order to offer a complete service. Our craftspeople have the professional expertise needed to make you happy.

An example of a tiled room being refurbished is an old bathroom. In such cases, craftspeople must tear out the bathroom and build it up again. This means that good project management and planning are vital to ensure the highest possible customer satisfaction and quality.

Our professionals assist with the selection of various tiles and carry out skilled project management from start to finish. A well-planned refurbishment will see a bathroom refurbished in about two weeks. It’s important that the different trades maintain good, clear dialogue, so that all ordered materials are delivered on time and to the right place to ensure that work can be carried out in the best possible way.

We are determined to minimise the unnecessary use of materials, which is why we strive to limit demolition, while promoting reuse and recycling during all our refurbishment projects.
Our skilled craftspeople install membranes and tiles in new buildings, both as sub-contractors and as main suppliers on behalf of private customers. Tiling can be done in all types of housing, public and private buildings. Our craftspeople will help the customer with the right choice of tiles and materials.

There are high expectations for craftspeople to deliver good, quality work, so that construction projects are completed on schedule. Effective project management leads to goods being delivered in the right place and at the right time, the professional execution of work, and satisfied customers.
Accidents can happen to anyone. The most important thing when carrying out insurance work is to get the policyholder back into a well-functioning home as quickly as possible.

In the event of leaks and other damage to wet rooms or other tiled rooms, the customer should contact their insurance company first. Every insurance company will require loss adjusters to assess the damage, before contacting the necessary professional for restoration. When an HG company is contacted regarding an insurance case, we assess the damage and agree on a price with the loss adjuster. It’s important to HG to be able to offer a competitive price, but quality and previous work are important determining factors when our companies are chosen to carry out the restoration work. The customer always deals with their insurance company.