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Painting is a profession rich in tradition, and good results are achieved through the right choice of materials and methods. This requires professional expertise. Our experts help you throughout the whole process for all types of painting jobs

When we talk about a refurbishment job, it is usually a job within the Norwegian ROT market, which stands for Rehabilitering, Ombygging og Tilbygg (“Restoration, Renovation and Extension”). Refurbishment projects involve everything from historical projects, such as stave churches and old houses, to the renovation of shopping centres or office buildings. They can also involve the refurbishment of old and newer houses, as well as facades, and our craftsmen carry out both small and large jobs in the field of renovation of detached houses, apartment blocks and commercial buildings.

An important part of refurbishing surfaces is assessing the condition of the building, and getting an overview of the type of groundwork that must be carried out. We must also have a good understanding of the products that are best suited for the task, whether the job requires old painting techniques or modern painting.
Our expert painters carry out all sorts of painting work in new buildings, whether internal or external, whether houses, apartment blocks, terraced houses, or other types of building projects.

When working with new buildings, large surfaces being painted must be ready at the same time.
This type of painting work requires mechanical equipment, fast-drying paint, and fast working methods.

This requires a high level of coordination with many other professions to ensure good progress and painless implementation during new building projects. Goods deliveries must happen at the right time, and carefully planning ensures that the work is carried out in a professional way, with optimal results. Håndverksgruppen’s local painting firms have a lot of expertise regarding new buildings, and can help with the selection of paint types, provide an overview of the type of groundwork that is required and assist in the selection of colours.
The painting work done in insurance cases aims to return surfaces to their original condition, before the damage occurred. Our craftspeople restore and repair damaged surfaces and ensure good foundational work.

Our expert craftspeople work on insurance cases alongside insurance companies’ loss adjusters. They also work closely with the insurance company and the policy holder.

Insurance cases require us to be service-minded, as well as to provide high quality professional skill and processes, as the aim is to get the policyholder back to their home as soon as possible. It is a challenging job where you work independently as a craftsperson with a very varied workday, constantly meeting new people.