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We carry out all types of brickwork, and have preserved the knowledge of craftsmanship carried out in a traditional way. At the same time, we keep up-to-date with the latest materials and solutions.

Masonry is a very versatile occupation in a workplace, with historical roots and long traditions. Masons work both inside and out, on big construction sites and in private homes. HG’s expert masons work with renovations, new buildings, and insurance cases, in large institutions and on small, private projects. A building generally starts with a foundation wall, after which our experts may make a fireplace, pipes, walls, or lay natural stone.

The cement that is used in our work today is very strong, in contrast to the cement and mortar that was used 100 years ago, which contains more lime than today’s product. This is to the advantage of new buildings and refurbishment projects, as the masonry work lasts much longer.
Norway has many beautiful and historical buildings from previous centuries. Cracks in the foundation, walls and facade appear more and more, as a result of the lime in the cement in use at the time, as well as subterranean movement. Much of the refurbishment work carried out by HG’s experts consists of refurbishing the facades of old apartment blocks, and renovating large historical buildings.

When carrying out a refurbishment project, it is important that our experts choose materials that match the extant materials in the building. Due to subterranean movements, which can easily affect foundation walls, there will always be a need for rehabilitation at various times. HG makes sure that the jobs done today last for as long a time as possible.
All buildings need foundational walls. They must be straight, follow the architect’s design, and make it as painless as possible for further work to be done. Our skilled workers start at the bottom of the building with the foundation wall, bricking basements and partitions in various private and public buildings.

With an insurance project, the customer first gets in touch with their insurance company. Every insurance company has a loss adjuster that will assess the damage, and then contact craftspeople. When an HG company is contacted regarding an insurance case, we assess the damage and agree on a price with the loss adjuster. It’s important to HG to be able to offer a competitive price, but quality and previous work are important in determining why our companies are chosen to carry out the restoration work. The customer always deals with their insurance company.