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The right flooring for the right job is our motto. We install all types of flooring for large contractors and private customers. Our experts offer advice and recommendations that are adapted to function, preferences, and cleaning.

Our employees act as advisors for the customer, giving advice on the products that suit the room, based on the customer’s preferences, the room’s function and the desired maintenance of the floor. HG offers a complete service – from the customer’s vision to the completion of the desired floor.

We refurbish all types of flooring from office landscapes, industrial premises or private homes. With larger projects, for example the refurbishment or construction of a hospital, it’s important to install a floor that is maintenance-free, clean, and good for healthcare professionals to walk on. Our expert craftspeople assist architects and private customers in choosing the floor best suited to their use, and which gives the best impression.

During refurbishment work, we always try to assess if we can renovate, rather than demolish, for example by sanding, cleaning, or laying a new surface. If demolition is necessary, proper waste management is crucial.
When a new building needs a floor, the customer usually seeks tenders for the task to be carried out. For HG, it is important to demonstrate good service, quality, breadth of knowledge about different types of flooring, as well as demonstrating that our work is carried out within the set time.

It is important to have good coordination and dialogue with the builder contractor and the project manager. With good project management at HG, we ensure that materials are delivered at the right time and place, so that work can be completed within the desired timeframe, and to the customer's satisfaction.

Our craftspeople lay all kinds of flooring, such as parquet, linoleum, laminate, carpet and epoxy.
In the event of water damage, fire and other accidents that require refurbishment or restoration, it is the loss adjuster that contacts HG’s professionals. Our experts carry out the required work after a commission from the loss adjuster, to ensure that the policyholder is able to return home as soon as possible.

In such insurance cases, it is important to ensure good collaboration and dialogue with the loss adjuster. Our task is to make the loss adjuster’s work as easy as possible by delivering high quality work at the agreed time and price.