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About us

Our ambition is to become Scandinavia’s leading surfacing contractor. We want to deliver walling, painting, tiling and flooring services that are far beyond the customer’s expectations. We want to be a leader in sustainability, and are keen to develop expertise and talent. We are proud of our local brands and relationships, but are also able to deliver on national framework agreements.


Long traditions and solid craftsmanship

Our oldest company, C Kristoffersen & Sønn AS in Horton, was established in 1853. While it is the group’s oldest company, many of the companies within HG build on more than 50 years of tradition and experience.

February 2012

There is strength in numbers

Håndverksgruppen was established as a membership organisation in 2012. At that time, we were 14 companies under a shared umbrella, and together we won our first tendered framework agreements.

July 2020

Håndverksgruppen established as a corporation

FSN Capital took on ownership, together with 30 of our original companies, and together we established a corporation in 2020. Our ambitions are to get better together, and to be Scandinavia’s largest painting, walling and tiling corporation.

April 2021

The first Swedish company joins

Borås-based Magnus Målar’n becomes the first Swedish company to join Håndverksgruppen.

June 2021

op line doubled to NOK 2.2bn

It took us 11 months to double our top line from NOK 1 billion to NOK 2 billion. During this time, we also welcomed 22 new companies

August 2021

HG is Eco-Lighthouse certified

Håndverksgruppen AS is Eco-Lighthouse certified according to the following set of criteria: i) building contractor, ii) shared criteria, iii) head office for corporations and municipalities iv) tenant), v) master painter and vi) master bricklayer.

October 2021

The first HG School is held

The first HG School for project managers was held in Oslo, with Marius Opdal from Rosenborg Malerteam acting as lecturer. HG School is Håndverksgruppen’s own training institution, made up of culture, leadership, projects and professions.

October 2021

Best practices put into system – toolbox launched!

The toolbox for best practice was launched for HG’s employees. The toolbox is a platform for sharing best practice in the form of standard documentation such as checklists, offer templates, etc.

December 2021

M-TEK and M-TETT are incorporated into Håndverksgruppen

M-TEK and M-TETT joined Håndverksgruppen as the first companies in the Specialist priority area, as well as playing an important role in HG’s sustainability efforts.

January 2022

NOK 3 billion in turnover

A turnover of NOK 3 billion made us Scandinavia’s leading surfacing corporation, with [70] companies and [2,100] employees.

March 2022

100 HG employees have been through the HG School

In January, everyday management was also launched at the HG School, and by the end of March 2022, 100 HG employees had been through the HG School.